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Ohio EFDAs Overwhelmingly Support Changes to Profession

Licensure of Ohio's Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliaries is supported by 87.5% of EFDAs in the state according to a survey conducted by the Ohio EFDA Association.

404 EFDAs responded to the survey, which asked for opinions on professional changes and association activities. EFDAs in Ohio are currently registered with the Ohio State Dental Board, not licensed.

The survey shows that 67.5% of EFDAs support requiring continuing education prior to renewal. 70% support continuing education when an EFDA returns to the profession after an extended absence. 95% favor EDFA representation on the Ohio State Dental Board.

Regarding association activities, 90% of respondents want the Ohio EFDA Association to lobby at the state level for licensure.

Respondents ranked services and benefits offered by the Ohio EFDA Association in the following order of importance:

Keeping me updated on changes to the profession: 42.50% Very Important, 30% Somewhat Important

Advocating on the profession's behalf at the Statehouse: 36.84% Very Important, 31.58% Somewhat Important

Continuing Education: 20% Very Important, 27.50% Somewhat Important

Member Discounts: 2.56% Very Important, 5.13% Somewhat Important

Networking Opportunities: 0% Very Important, 7.89% Somewhat Important


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