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4 Questions w/Appassionata Jordan

Appassionata Jordan is an EFDA who lives in Columbus, OH.

Why did you become an EFDA? Being an EFDA gives you the opportunity to re-create something that used to exist, which is a very beautiful skill to have. It shows your true creativity.

What's the weirdest day you've had in a dental office? A 17-year-old special needs patient loved the performer JoJo Siwa so much that she sang the entire concert while I restored the mesial facial lingual distal surfaces of number 7, 8, 9 & 10 with a dry shield in her mouth. I was absolutely amazed that I could understand every word that she was saying. She had so much fun performing this whole concert for me. What advice would you give to an EFDA student? Never give up, no matter how hard the program may seem to be or how many times you feel like you can’t do it or it’s too much I encourage you to push through. The end result is so rewarding. When you aren't at work what will we find you doing? Working with a photography company that I used to shoot for doing more administration duties. Side note for the EFDA students: remember your posture is everything. I had to stop being a photographer because the pressure of holding my arms in a certain position to do restorations really took a toll on me the first year.


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