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Dental-related items in the State of Ohio's new budget

The State of Ohio's operating budget for the next two fiscal years has been passed and enacted. Governor Mike DeWine signed the bill into law on July 1 and made several line-item vetos.

No changes in the budget bill directly impact the EFDA profession. There are provisions in the budget that do impact dental health care.

Northeast Ohio Medical University Dental School

The Senate added a provision earmarking $1m in each year of the biennium for the establishment of a new dental school at NEOMED in Rootstown, OH. The school is required to be accredited and is authorized to award DDS and DMD degrees.

Prior to drawing down the funds appropriated in the budget, NEOMED must submit their plan to the Chancellor of the Department of Higher Education for approval.

State Dental Board Budget

The State Dental Board will have its funding reduced from the current level of $2,124,251 to $1,700,000 in FY22 and $1, 750,000 in FY23.

Post-COVID Medicaid Redetermination

The Senate added a provision that requires The Department of Medicaid (ODM) to use third-party vendors to conduct an eligibility redetermination of all Ohio Medicaid recipients within 90 days following the conclusion of the federal COVID-19 emergency.

Authorizes ODM to disenroll recipients who are no longer eligible. Limits vendor expenses to 20% of realized savings to ODM by decreased enrollment.

The Ohio General Assembly has now recessed for a break and will resume business in the fall. The Ohio EFDA Association will continue to monitor legislation and policy in Columbus that impacts the profession and dental health care.


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