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4 Questions w/Nikki Eastman

Nikki Eastman is an EFDA who lives in Willowick, OH.

Why did you become an EFDA? After assisting for 11 years, I wanted more out of my career. I wanted to have a larger impact on people’s lives and give them their smile back.

What's the weirdest day you've had in a dental office? The weirdest day I had in the dental office was multiple procedures on multiple patients on the same tooth number. That’s when you when play the lotto!

Tell us something about you that would surprise the people you work with. My coworkers would be surprised to know that even though I offer support to my patients when anxious in the chair, I myself become very anxious in the dental chair as a patient.

What advice would you give to an EFDA student? ALWAYS remain teachable and keep it simple.


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