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Job Board Connecting Dentists & EFDAs

The COVID-19 danger is still here but the State of Ohio is preparing for the next stage.

When the economy begins to open, dentists may need EFDAs and EFDAs may be looking for jobs.

Check our Job Board regularly for job postings and job seekers.

EFDAs: if you are seeking employment send us what you are looking for, your experience and certifications, and how dentists can contact you. We won't publish your last name.

Dentists: if you are looking for an EFDA, send us your location, the job opening, full or part-time, pay and benefits or incentives, other information, and how EFDAs can contact you or submit a resume. If you don't want us to publish your name , we won't.

You can send your postings to We will leave it up as long as you need it.

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